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From Tired and Dry to Pleasing to the Eye: Project Profile From Recent 3,500 Square Foot Repaint In Mechanicsburg, PA

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Reason for Client Contact: Our Client contacted us for several reasons. First, she noticed that the walls of her formerly beautiful home were beginning to become dark and greasy looking toward the bottom. (This turned out to be natural oil from the fur of THREE family cats!) Second, when she tried to clean the walls, [...]

To Seal Or Not To Seal? (Adventures in dealing with the UGLY side of Wallpaper)

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To Seal or Not to Seal      Wallpaper has enjoyed great popularity over the years- and for good reason. It can be a beautiful wall covering, and when properly hung, will provide great durability and longevity. Because times change and personal tastes change along with them, however, this extended life span can be a curse, [...]

Just Add Paint – Finding Painters in Harrisburg PA

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There are many painters in Harrisburg PA to choose from. Hiring one of them to paint your home, so it will look the best it can, is a great option that will save you time. It will also save you from making mistakes  by doing it yourself. Harrisburg is the small Capitol city of Pennsylvania. [...]

Just Add Paint

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Just Add Paint is a service oriented painting company operating out of South Central Pennsylvania. We do all types of painting, with our focus being both interior and exterior residential repaints and new construction.  Just Add Paint takes great pride in having a reputation for understanding exactly what the homeowner/ builder wants and being able [...]